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Annex General Office Building (1942)

Photograph of Annex General Office Building. Building 105 was built by the Army in 90 days as an administration building.17, 31 12-10-62 During WWII it was headquarters for the Ninth Service Command normally based at the Presidio in San Francisco.5 p.515 In 1946 this building was already being called the Annex.4 It was General Dwight D. Eisenhower who issued the order giving this building to the University.31 2-10-62 Acquired by the University of Utah in 1948 to handle the increase of students after the war, the Annex was intended to provide classroom space for 2300 students in the School of Business, History Department, and Political Science Department.31 10-2-46 The first University function of the building was to accommodate all of the classes and offices from the Liberal Arts Building, which included the History and Political Science Departments, and all of the College of Business.5 p.515 In 1961 it was being used for classrooms and academic offices, and in 1989 it was used for instruction, public service, student service, and institutional support.4, 17 The Annex was remodeled in 1971.32
12 March 1998
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